Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is the located between Benteen Drive and the south end of McDougall Drive. Lincoln park is equipped with many features that make your outdoor recreational time enjoyable. This park is currently utilized more than any other park, by members of the Lincoln community. If you are looking for a place to host a family reunion, birthday party, or an occasional get-together, this park is worth consideration. Its central location in the city, and many amenities attract people of all ages. Listed in the section below are some of the many great features that Lincoln Park has to offer you or any citizen of the community.

Lincoln park is the most developed park in the city of Lincoln. Consequently it contains more amenities than the other parks within the city. Some of these features include:

  • Park Shelter (indoor and outdoor)
  • Play Ground Equipment, Swings
  • Basketball Courts
  • Horse Shoe Pits (covered)
  • Softball Diamond
  • BMX Course

Reservations for the park shelters can be made by visiting the Building Reservations Page.

Address: 32 McDougall Dr, Lincoln, ND 58504