About the Parks & Equipment Usage

We invite residents and guests to enjoy the parks of Lincoln.  Questions regarding the parks, facility rental, or using any park equipment (tetherballs, basketballs, horseshoes, etc.) can be summited via the Contact Us page or with any Park District board member.

Shelters & Gazebo

Shelters in the parks are free for use.  No reservations are necessary and usage is on a first-come, first-served basis. You can use any of the outdoor shelters / gazeboo by posting a sign. No rental fee is required, but site must be cleaned when event is over. Also no unauthorized vehicles can be driven in the park.

Lincoln Park Building Rental

The building in Lincoln Park is available for rent by visiting the Building Reservations Page.  The building offers a full kitchen, bathroom, tables and chairs. It is heated in the winter.  Please review the attached policies for shelter use. Lincoln Park Shelter Use Rules

Recreational Opportunities

Each summer, from approximately early-June to early-August, the Park District sponsors Youth Softball.  Information on the recreational softball program is made available in May.

Private Sanano Karate classes are held Monday and Wednesday evenings in the Lincoln Park Shelter.  For information on classes, please contact Carol Linn.

Frisbee Golf Course Map

A frisbee golf course has been established in Millennium Park.  Signage is in the process of being installed and an electronic course map should soon be available.

Lincoln Park District Strategic Plan

The Lincoln Park District is in the process of updating it’s strategic plan.  If you have comments or concerns, please offer them via the Contact Us page.