Lincoln Parks & Recreation District: November 2018 Minutes

Present: Cox, Thomas, Couture, Garaas, Berglund                          Absent: none                  Vacant: none

City Council Representative: Akre                             General Public: SEH (Haider, Dooley), Daly, Leveling, Hoffer.

President Couture called the meeting to order @ 6:25 pm – role was taken.

October Minutes were approved by Garaas, Thomas.

Financial Statements/Bills:

Financial statements & bills for June were approved (Thomas/Couture).


City Council December 6th at 7pm; Park Board: December 18thth 6:30; P&Z December ? 7:00pm.

Old Business: 

 2019 Project List was narrowed down to top 5 projects.  In no particular order (Bleachers, Gazebo path, Upgrading Power box in gazebo, Ice rinks, Dog Waste stations for parks and paths)

Park board has agreed to keep the agreement to waters trees for the city.

New business:
Plans were presented by SHE and discussed for Path to gazebo and paving parking lot in millennium park; as well as plans for Path and lot paving for Wiegle looked at and discussed.   The extra material removed for walking will be reused on bmx path. 

New Chief of police Greg Leveling stopped in an introduced himself. 

Will be setting up a Bank account at hometown credit union to be used for Recreation funds.  (Couture, Berglund)

Motion was made to raise Park Board salaries to $160.00 (Berglund, Cox) Second reading will be December 18th

Motion and passed made to pay treasurer extra $100 a month for extra work being done (Thomas, Cox)


Ice rinks Location decided on Humbert.  Looking for another location as well

Social Media: 

Online pay option will be set up once account information is gathered from Home town credit union. 

Request a digital City Map Of the Parks from SEH that can be put on the web site and Facebook page.


Park deeds were signed for Lincoln Park and Weigle Park, The Deed to chance park was tabled for further discussion.

Grants:  No DiscussionParks:
See above Old business.